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SCORE ChapterSocial Media Ad Packages

Hiper has managed over 700 local digital ad campaigns for SCORE chapters since 2017.
With more flexibility than ever, we look forward to helping you achieve your chapter goals! 

Centralized Accounting


Team of Experts

Hiper campaign and media fees are processed monthly through SCORE centralized accounting and deducted from your chapter's local marketing budget. 

Hiper utilizes the data from hundreds of local chapter campaigns, ensuring that only the most effective ad versions are executed for your chapter.

Chapter ads are managed by experienced digital campaign specialists with oversight from SCORE HQ. Hiper reviews results with consultants from the individual social networks to optimize overall performance.

FY24 Optional Campaign Packages

Quarterly Content Boosts

Selected Local Content Boosts

Workshop Promotion

Facebook posts from the approved SCORE content calendar will be automatically boosted, increasing reach on average 68X.
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Request to have selected local chapter posts boosted as needed. This is a flexible option for chapters who publish incremental local content. 
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Increase workshop attendance through localized Facebook traffic or event ads.
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Generate Leads

Drive Website Traffic

Campaign Consulting

Collect quality volunteer or client leads from highly targeted ads on LinkedIn, with seamless pre-filled forms. Ideal for "colder" audiences that require nurturing. 

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Drive chapter website visits to your mentor or volunteer page by running targeted Facebook ads. For chapters who are currently running Google ads, re-marketing ads are ideal for moving prospects down the conversion funnel.
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For chapters who need additional 1:1 campaign support, you can purchase a block of consulting hours to speak with a Hiper campaign specialist directly. This option is available on any of the campaign opt-in forms. 

Quarterly Content Boosts on Facebook

✔︎ Optimized for reach and engagement

✔︎ Quarterly commitment for cost savings

✔︎ 8 posts automatically boosted per month

✔︎ Pre-set media budget

✔︎ Approved Hiper baseline content

✔︎ Real-time reporting through SOCi

Fixed media budget: $100/month

Campaign management fee: $50/month

Total quarterly fee: $450

Selected Local Content Boosts as Needed

✔︎ Optimized for reach or engagement

✔︎ Opt-in anytime, up to 5-day lead time

✔︎ Request to boost any local Facebook post scheduled through SOCi (past or future posts)

✔︎ Flexible media budget

✔︎ Real-time reporting through SOCi

Media budget range: $3–$10/day

Management fee: $50 for up to 3 boosts 

Workshop and Webinar Ad Campaigns

✔︎ Optimized for traffic or Facebook event responses

✔︎ Choose carousel ad type or Facebook event ad type

✔︎ Opt-in anytime, up to 5-day lead time
✔︎ Flexible media budget

✔︎ Real-time reporting through Hiper dashboard

Media budget range: $3–$10/day

Management fee: $100 - up to 3 workshop campaigns 

Lead Generation on LinkedIn

✔︎ Volunteer or client recruitment

✔︎ Optimized for lead generation for colder audiences

✔︎ Opt-in anytime, up to 10-day lead time
✔︎ Feature local clients and/or volunteers in ads

✔︎ Flexible media budget

✔︎ Access to real-time spreadsheet to manage leads

✔︎ Real-time reporting through Hiper dashboard

Media budget range: $17–$50/day

Campaign set-up fee: $400

Campaign optimization & reporting: $100/month

Drive Local Web Traffic via Facebook

✔︎ Volunteer or client objectives

✔︎ Drive traffic to your score.org website

✔︎ Opt-in anytime, up to 10-day lead time
✔︎ Flexible media budgets

✔︎ Feature local clients and/or volunteers in ads
✔︎ Real-time reporting through Hiper dashboard

Media budget range: $6–$10/day

Campaign set-up fee: $350

Campaign management & reporting: $100/month


How are chapters billed for campaigns?
All campaigns managed through Hiper are billed through SCORE's centralized accounting. Hiper pays for the media fees directly, eliminating the need for a chapter to set up an ad account with a credit card. Campaign expenses are booked to your national allocation budget, if available, and your chapter local cash if it isn’t. You may run a Bills Register or click into your Marketing Expense to see this ad campaign charge. 

What is the "Net Media Budget"?
The net media budget is considered your media buy. Hiper will manage your media budget for the campaign duration through agency ad accounts. Hiper ensures your media budget is pacing correctly, this ensures that your budget is optimized over the course of your campaign. For most campaigns, you can choose the media budget, and campaign duration, that fits the needs of your chapter. 

What is included in the set-up fees?

  • Audience creation: each campaign has a unique targeting schema that must be created so the ads are delivered to the right target audience at the right time. This includes a local geo-radius and custom targeting based on the ad objective. 
  • Campaign set-up: campaigns must be set-up in the proper way through each network, which involves setting the objective, uploading approved creative, localizing the copy, entering the local landing page URL and adding a UTM code for tracking. 
  • Ad creative: the ad creative for each campaign is unique to the objective and determined based on performance from prior campaigns. For ad campaigns, you have the option to upload local assets (images and videos) to be included in your ad creative. This is part of the opt-in form. 

What's included in campaign management and reporting?

  • Performance optimization: Hiper reviews ad performance monthly and optimizes accordingly throughout the duration of the campaign. This includes adjusting budgets, setting frequency caps and adding new ad versions when needed. 
  • Reporting: A unique real-time reporting dashboard is set up for each campaign option (excludes boosted posts), providing visibility to the local chapter. Campaigns are manually mapped through the Hiper reporting dashboard and monthly push reports are emailed to the chapter social media distribution list. 
  • Local Support: This fee also accounts for the additional chapter support that is needed when running local campaigns. Chapter-specific campaign questions and requests are often submitted through the Hiper ticketing system throughout the course of the campaign. 

How do I access the Hiper campaign reporting dashboards: 

For more information on SCORE social media, visit the Support Center.

To open a Hiper campaign support ticket, email ads@hi-perlocal.com.

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